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Jay Machiavelli

Artist, Producer, DJ, & CEO of Rare Breed Entertainment!

Member and CEO of the Rare Breed label - Jay Machiavelli started his adventure in the music world as a DJ & MC. Having loved music since he was a child, he fell in love with the art of 'DJaying', and shortly after began to dive deep into producing & rapping.


It was only after going to the University of Saint Francis in Joliet on a partial scholarship that he discovered the Digital Audio Recording Arts program. This program allowed Jay to see all sides of the audio world, and even begin to learn about audio engineering and mixing. Machiavelli is still learning a lot, and typically is the main producer, engineer and artist on almost all of his tracks.


Follow Jay on social media to keep up with his upcoming shows, press releases and music!

Twitter: @Jay_Machiavelli

Instagram: @Official_Jay_Machiavelli

Snap Chat: @J_Machiavelli

Tik Tok: @Official_Jay_Machiavelli

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